We are a team of professionals
For a long time we’ve been working in many different IT-companies, but now we work together, solving almost any problem in the sphere of internet related technologies in a creative and most convenient way. We build web-sites, write programs and make interfaces easy to use. We invent and launch various projects and services. All of this is what we do for you, the people.

Every member of the team does their favourite job
This means we just love what we do and we’re responsible for what we’ve done. Not a day goes by that we don’t learn something new or use any new experience to improve our work. We’re seeking for new ideas, happy to cooperate and pursue perfection in all possible ways.

We offer you the best quality for all of the services we provide.
Our service is not cheap, but without doubt it pays off richly. We don’t work on low-budget projects or projects we might consider boring.

The head office is located in Germany, with most of our people working in Russia. This gives you a great opportunity to use our high quality service for a moderate price. We’re young, mobile and ambitious. Our clients are happy with our work because we always find the best solutions for them!